Tips To Select an Appealing Wardrobe

Wardrobes do so much to a room apart from providing storage solutions. They are easily functional decor items through which you can elevate how a room looks without doing too much. There are ways to achieve aesthetically appealing wardrobes, and they include:


Many homes have wardrobes in their natural wood colour. However, this is easily customisable to achieve a better appearance. An easy way to do this is by altering the colour. You can keep your colours muted with neutral hues or bold with deep colours such as black or navy. Colour helps achieve the desired aesthetic using pieces you already have, and wardrobes are an excellent choice.

Wardrobe Accessories

You can easily revamp your wardrobe by changing its accessories to more modern and expensive looking alternatives. There are many fancy looking yet affordable handles, knobs, and other accessories that instantly improve the appearance of your wardrobe. You can also customise existing accessories by spray painting them a different colour. The good thing about accessories is that you can change them up anytime you prefer to suit a room’s theme accordingly.

Match Colors

Another important point is to match your wardrobe with the desired theme of the room. Once you know the preferred theme for space, you can now choose a wardrobe that compliments this theme to avoid the final result looking cluttered and unpleasing. A minimal theme, for instance, requires a simplistic wardrobe in neutral colours to blend in with the rest of the room. If you are going for a rustic theme, staining your wardrobe with a custom dye/stain is a good way to transform your wardrobes into a beautiful masterpiece.


The conventional material for wardrobes is wood. However, you can get creative with other materials such as acrylics and laminates to develop a more affordable and beautiful piece. Wardrobes in kids rooms, home offices and creative spaces look good in other materials apart from wood and make them more interesting. Check out Tylko’s varieties to find a durable wardrobe material that suits all your needs.

Room Layout

It would be best if you had the layout of a room in mind when choosing a wardrobe. It helps select something suitable that will not compromise on space available and other factors such as light. If you have large windows, for instance, and you want more light in the room, you can choose a wardrobe with mirrored doors that fits in the space directly opposite the windows so that life can bounce off the mirrors and illuminate the entire room.

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